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Ronald E. Ovitt, Empower For Living Founder, pastor, author, recovery coach and counselor is currently available as a speaker, consultant, teacher and course creator. The possibilities for his involvement in your project are varied. If you would like to discuss any possibilities please contact us.

Potential Engagement Topics:


Topic #1 Emotional Relearning™

Breakdown:  Besides undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology, Ron trained in:

  •  Relapse prevention by Terrance Gorski and the CENAPS program
  • Successful recovery programs, is a Recovery Coach, and has
  • training in neurofeedback 
  • Integrated Listening systems- Safe and Sound Protocol by Dr. Steven Porges
  • Written his theory on change called Emotional Relearning™ that emphasizes the emotional learning during childhood trauma and how we need to rewire the brain through various neurostimulation techniques including his Emotional Relearning™ protocol.


  • How to become emotionally resilient
  • The epidemic of childhood trauma
  • Anxiety, panic,
  • Addictions, relapse
  • Chronic Fatigue, chemical sensitivity and chronic pain
  • How to Trauma Proof Yourself.

Give Away(s) :

  • Trauma Proof You and Your Family
  • The 3 Keys To Emotional Resilience.


Completing the Twelve Steps—Don’t Let Childhood Trauma Stop You In Your Tracks!

Breakdown: Many people who start out in a Twelve Step Program don’t finish. A lot of the time it is because of childhood trauma. Ron shares how to overcome trauma while finishing the Twelve Steps.

  • Finishing the twelve steps
  • The emotional side of addiction—we medicate to regulate our emotions.
  • Why people don’t finish the program
  • What to do if someone you love is addicted
  • Various treatment plans for addiction
  • Epidemic of childhood trauma
  • Overcoming the effects of childhood trauma

Give Away(s):

  • ACT – Your personal Relapse Prevention plan.
  • Survey and what to do about:  Anger, Anxiety, Chemical Dependency, Depression. (These are four separate giveaways.)
  • How to Calm Yourself and Relax